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New film for the AIRmove² air cushion system from Storopack consists of 50 percent recycled material

Storopack is adding an even more sustainable option to its film portfolio for the AIRmove² air cushion system: AIRmove² 50% Recycled consists of 50 percent recycled material and is suitable for the production of Void S type air cushions. The film uses fewer resources in its life cycle and can be fully recycled. With the 200 x 120 millimeter air cushions, voids can be optimally filled, and the shipping goods are optimally protected in the carton. The AIRmove² air cushion system is particularly suitable for manufacturers of electrical and household appliances or e-commerce providers who want to perfectly protect their products in the shipping carton.

Saves 30 percent of CO2 emissions
In developing AIRmove² 50% Recycled, protective packaging specialist Storopack focused on resource-saving film production. The result: the void film generates 30 percent less CO2 during production compared to the standard AIRmove² void film. It also uses about 40 percent less water and about 39 percent fewer fossil resources. The material thickness has been reduced to 20my delivering the same quality performance with a lessened impact on the environment. This new version of AIRmove² void film was designed to combine two requests in terms of sustainability: decreased material inside the box and increased recycled content. Companies also benefit from a longer roll length: one roll holds 435 meters of film.

High-performance air cushion system
The AIRmove² air cushion system is the ideal solution to produce air cushions for up to 500 packages a day. The production output is around ten meters of film per minute. The particularly compact and lightweight machine can be easily integrated into existing packaging processes and can be used as a tabletop unit or mounted on the wall. Air cushions can be produced conveniently and ergonomically using a manual push button or foot pedal.


Ideal for small to medium packaging needs.

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