Ein Strang Luftpolsterfolie

AIRplus® 100% RECYCLED

Sustainable and cost-saving.


The AIRplus® 100% Recycled air cushions from Storopack show that recycling is possible without loss of quality. These consist of 100 percent recycled material and offer the same outstanding properties as air cushions made from virgin raw material.
AIRplus® 100% Recycled is ideally suited to protect products in shipping boxes during transport. Perfect for companies that value high-quality protective packaging as well as sustainability. AIRplus® 100% Recycled air cushions are also recyclable and can be added to the recycling loop again.

Air cushions consist of 99% air and only 1% film. The low material consumption compared to other materials therefore also minimizes operating costs.
The composition of the AIRplus® 100% recycled film is unique to date. Storopack is the first manufacturer to produce an air pillow film consisting of 100% recycled material, both from post-industry and post-consumer waste. In the entire production process, 30% of greenhouse gases are saved and fossil resources are conserved.

AIRplus® 100% Recycled at a Glance

  • Entirely made of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled material resulting in less plastic waste overall
  • Reduces emissions in the customers logistics chain compared to alternative materials due to its light weight
  • RecyClass-certified use of 100% recycled material
  • ClimatePartner certified by measuring and reducing their carbon footprint and supporting climate projects
  • Available as Void, Cushion, Wrap or Bubble film
Ein Weißer Karton gefüllt mit Boxen und Luftpolsterfolie
Ein Karton mit Tee-Packungen und Luftpolsterfolie
Zwei Rollen Cushion Luftpolsterfolie
Ein Karton mit brauner Box und Luftpolsterfolie

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